Thank you

 I want to share a story of religious belief.  I was raise roman catholic and taught to believe in god. I didn’t know any different so I kind of went with what my parents showed me. Because I know and had witnessed some unexplained miracles during and before my pregnancy” I BELIEVE” when I tell you I had not been prepared for all the things that had happen. ( as some of my followers already know had been unhappy for a while) A good friend of mine had just share the good news of her pregnancy although I was happy for her, I could not help but feel the emptiness in my life(I wanted to  have a child too).” Selfish” I know but at that time my birthday  just pass, and I didn’t want to the  be an old  mother. It would be harder to have a child(yes, I had tried before, went to doctor and everything). Well, a couple of weeks had passed and I had experience strange things. I often went shopping after work and each time I parked my car I would step out onto a dirty diaper. I would get upset and think somebody needs to clean the parking lot. It happened bout three or four times (crazy, I know). Another occurrence is when I went to the laundromat. Anyone who goes to the laundromat  knows that you check the washing machine well before you put your clothes in as I did. I found a baby sock, and asked around if it belonged to anyone. I couldn’t find the owner so I trashed it.  I continued, washed my clothes,  folded them, and went home. Putting my clothes away, I had found the other sock in my clothes. I don’t know why but I saved it. I was part of the management team of a retail store and notice that all the kids I came in contact with had taken interest in me. My boss made me aware of my crazy eating habit and being hungry more than usual.  I often worked nights; so before going to work, my routine was to get a really big 64oz soft drink. when I went to the bathroom every 15 minutes. I didn’t know it was because my son would be gracing me with his presence. GOD HAD ANSWER MY PRAYER.. GIVING ME “MY CHILD” THANK YOU, GOD…

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