blogging 101,LOL…

How long has it been? I don’t remember a thing I learned in school about writing. This seem a bit challenging for me. I can’t get the punctuations right, or spell words correctly. After proof reading it myself, I still miss some huge errors.

I just finish a course in cardio technology, but before than I had not been in a learning environment for 10 plus years. The most reading and writing I’d done was on Facebook and text messaging. Sad, you say. I’m working on it now.

It’s a little funny, cause now I find myself trying to use everything to gain access to learning material. I don’t wanna be just a Facebook writer(writing things anyway just to get my point across).

4 responses to “blogging 101,LOL…

  1. I’m lucky to have always had an interest in writing, so I continued writing after I left college, which I think has helped me retain a lot of what I learned in school. However, I haven’t had cause to use everything I learned but I have had cause to use text speak and lawl kat speek and other internetisms… So, I understand where you’re coming from. Blogging has really made me refresh my memory, though. It sucks to realize you’ve published a bunch of really dumb mistakes, knowing that you know better and just weren’t thinking or forgot. Hindsight is 20/20.

  2. Very cool that you’re starting to write again! That first step alone is often the most difficult. I started my blog in March because I had been thinking about it for a long time.. actually the final push was that I was interested in learning how to cook and thought a blog would be a cool way to explore that and catalog all my recipes. Technology really does dumb us down, yes! And contributes to low attention spans. I wish I could stop reaching for my phone all the time. I want to slap my hand, lol.

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