No kids allowed…

 Nowadays, there is no censorship for our children. I can’t imagine being a parent of a young child and having him read the content that I share on any social networking site (I don’t accept child friend request). I remember growing the “B” word wasn’t said on television. What happened? I’m afraid of what the future holds.

a couple of years ago i met a kid that would tell you were to stick it and how fast to get there. he was 6 years old and didn’t know his alphabet. he seem to be too aware of the “streets”and had no academic smarts. You ask how much can a 6 year know??? you’d be surprised. his parent didn’t censor anything they did or said in his presence. Cursing around child seems to be the norm, so don’t be surprised when some of that language comes your way. I’m just saying, let’s try to raise our child to be respectable adults.

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