counting calories… really???

I’m not trying to forbid myself from eating anything.  You know whatever you tell yourself you can’t have you want more, but my real problem is portion control. That’s where I find this counting calories funny. You look on the back of a label and read the calories and it shows you a number. Not so fast… You have to find whats the serving size is a how many serving is in the package your eating/drinking. That sounds easy enough right.  But keeping track isn’t. Don’t forget to count that gum your chewing… 🙂



Walking how much is enough???

As a kid I was slim. Always running and walking places. During High School the kids neighborhood walked  a couple miles or so back and forth to school. Physical Education played a great role in maintaining that slim active person I once was. Now as an adult I have not done anything to keep fit. I stopped walking everywhere. And started driving through any fast food place I lived near. As I think about get rid of the weight I can’t help but think that it all my fault. Although I was raised to clear my plate before leaving the table, habits can be broken.

with lowering my sugar intake and adding more veggies and fruit I now feel that exercise with complete the process. But is walking enough??? how much walk is sufficient??? Since september of last year I’ve been walking. I have not lost a pound as a matter of fact I gained 30 pounds and no I’m not pregnant…  🙂 tomorrow is a new day of exploring this weight loss journey…



Under Construction and trying to become a better blog. I want to evaluate the content of this blog and structure it a little differently. I know the articles seem to be of many topics and issues, so I’m working on gaining some focus. Looking forward to some fun post and receiving interesting comments. I’m going to try to come up with some better content to gain a large group of follower. like they say “nothing beats a failure, but a try…).  ’til I blog again, bye!