Walking how much is enough???

As a kid I was slim. Always running and walking places. During High School the kids neighborhood walked  a couple miles or so back and forth to school. Physical Education played a great role in maintaining that slim active person I once was. Now as an adult I have not done anything to keep fit. I stopped walking everywhere. And started driving through any fast food place I lived near. As I think about get rid of the weight I can’t help but think that it all my fault. Although I was raised to clear my plate before leaving the table, habits can be broken.

with lowering my sugar intake and adding more veggies and fruit I now feel that exercise with complete the process. But is walking enough??? how much walk is sufficient??? Since september of last year I’ve been walking. I have not lost a pound as a matter of fact I gained 30 pounds and no I’m not pregnant…  🙂 tomorrow is a new day of exploring this weight loss journey…